Tissa Saw Mill & Timber Stores was started its business in the year 1987 and now well established and well expanded to make a better service to our valued customers. Our work force is over 100 skilled workers and we have the reputation from all our customers for our efficient service at all times.


Our aim is to supply high quality Timber to the construction industry here in Srilanka while supplying a quality product to all our international clients. We have a very good client base and we are still working our best to get more and more clients.


God's precious gift to mankind and we are very much happy to work with wood, love the wood and help preserve the forests for our future generation. We do maintain our own Mahogany and Teak plantation and so nice to see it grows.


Import of Malaysian sawn timber, Burma Teak and wooden flooring from Indonesia.

We buy directly from sawmills in Malaysia. We have strong suppliers from West Malaysia and as well as from Sarawak and Sabha. Our business relationship with our timber suppliers are so strong that we get quality products regularly.

Malaysian Timbers are classified in to four categories such as Heavy Hards, Medium Hardwoods, Light Hardwoods and Softwoods. The most popular Malaysian timber in Srilanka are TUALANG( botanical name- Koompassia excels) and KEMPAS (botanical name- Koompassia malaccensis). Both these timbers are classified as Medium Hardwoods in the "100 MALAYSIAN TIMBERS" book published by the Malaysian Timber Industry Board.

Yellow Balu and the Red Balu are classified as Heavy Hardwoods and are considered as the best timber for heavy and medium constructions. The prices of these two species are really high and it is very much hard to find them even in Malaysia due to the high demand.


We export Brushes made of Rubber wood and coco fiber , Rubber wood blocks and backs for Brush industry and furniture components, Coir mats and TAWASHI Brushes. BURMA Teak sawn timber for marine industry. We have been exporting all those products since the year 2000 to many countries such as U.S.A, GERMANY, FRANCE , JAPAN , UK and KOREA